Cardok Sliding Platform

Introducing Sliding Platform Parking Solutions

Revolutionise your parking experience with our high-tech Sliding Platform Parking Solutions!

As well as offering horizontal parking solutions, we offer a vertical option that is an innovative way to maximise your parking capacity and utilise all the access alleys for parking instead.


No more circling the lot or manoeuvring in tight spaces. Park your car on a sliding platform and the rest will be taken care of. Our system smoothly and securely moves your vehicle to an available spot with just the push of a button.

Safety First

Our solutions are equipped with top-notch safety features, ensuring the security of your vehicle.

Customisable Options

Tailor our sliding platform system to your specific needs. Whether you have limited space or a large facility, we have a solution that fits your needs.


This parking solution is extremely cost effective as you do not need a pit or any other major construction. Installation is possible in any standard parking area.


Don’t waste time, upgrade your parking facility today with Sliding Platform Parking Solutions and make every parking experience effortless and efficient!

Our Mission

Cardok is dedicated to delivering innovative, convenient, and reliable automotive lift solutions.

We aim to elevate property values, optimise space utilisation, and ensure the security our clients deserve.
With a commitment to quality, Cardok continues to lead in creating cutting-edge parking and lifting systems.

What Our Clients Say