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The typical garage would be far more valuable if converted into living space.

This rearrangement can be easily done by installing a Cardok in front of the existing garage or in the driveway. Cardok is designed for driving over the top platform.

How would you use the space you could free up?

Add an extra bedroom, a bathroom, a gym or even a home cinema. Transform your home while increasing the protection and security for your car.
Cardok will increase the value of your property. With one car parked on top of the closed Cardok, the second parking space remains out of sight below ground.

Press the remote control, and Cardok starts to lift, revealing the additional parking space inside. Within less than 30 seconds Cardok is completely open. For safety, the remote control has a simple ‘hold-to-run’ operation. It needs to remain pressed during the whole operation. It stops the instant it is released.

A second car can then be driven onto the Cardok’s lower platform. Press the button again, and the Cardok is closed, hiding the second car from view. The driveway returns to its normal appearance; the top car can be driven away, and a passer-by would struggle to guess what’s concealed beneath.

Cardok incorporates a two-vehicle hydraulic lift and is designed to accommodate virtually any production car, including luxury saloons and four-wheel drives.

Each platform can support a safe working load of 3 tones. The finish of the top platform is at the choice of the client – tiles, asphalt, gravels etc.

Several Cardoks Multi can be installed side by side in the concrete pit. Your parking place can double, tripe, quadruple or more.

Cardok comes ready to install in a concrete pit.

Technical file: Cardok Multi
Technical file: Cardok Multi 9000

Double your parking space at the touch of a button

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