août 3, 2015

Cardok in Your Show Home magazine: space saving solutions !

Space saving parking solitions launched for UK house builders
Cardok UK provide new and affordable solutions for home builders by creating
adequate parking spaces without sacrificing living space and maximising utility


House builders are under growing pressure to provide sufficient parking spaces alongside new homes in a bid to ease pressure on our clogged-up streets.
This presents a big headache for architects and developers who have to balance this demand for parking provision while also maximising living space.
But for many building professionals the solution to the problem lies beneath their feet. An innovative hydraulic lift system developed by Cardok allows home builders to make use of valuable development space that would otherwise be taken up by parked cars.
The Cardok installation is designed to accommodate one or more cars below ground with vehicles parked on top. As well as doubling the amount of home parking space, the Cardok also offers far greater security than a conventional garage.
Instead of parking cars on the road, or in driveways for everyone to see, vehicles are hidden below ground and out of sight of vandals and thieves. The Cardok can also help to increase property values.
The lift system is typically installed in a concrete pit with access controlled by the owner’s ‘hold-to-run’ remote control system.
The company supplies developers with the specification and dimensions for the pit, and also requires the electrical supply to be installed. The Cardok can be run from both single and three-phase electricity supplies.
Once these are in place, Cardok can install and commission the lift within two days. The maintenance schedule requires only one visit a year to check the hydraulic system and for a general safety check.
The Cardok also allows developers to utilise land normally set aside for a garage as extra living space.
The Cardok is lifted by an electrohydraulic system which is very energy efficient, requiring about the same amount of energy to operate as boiling a kettle of water. It has been designed to lift ten tonnes, with a safe working load of three tonnes per deck. By way of example, a Range Rover weighs approximately 2.7 tonnes.
The Cardok also comes with a small back-up generator so that home owners can always gain access to their cars, even if there’s a power cut.
Up until recently such underground parking solutions were seen as being a solution for only the well off. But new, affordable parking solutions are being developed that are more cost-effective in relation to the land cost.
Nick Child, managing director of Cardok UK said: “Since we started importing the Swiss Cardok system our market has really expanded into all price brackets of the housing market. With our best-selling model at around £35,000 this is an intelligent way of either getting two cars into the space of one, or simply freeing up valuable space that can be used for living space.”
Cardok has a number of flagship installations across Europe and is working on several projects with developers and architects here in the UK, where it hopes to trigger a home parking revolution.
Other parking solutions include the Cardok Multi - which can park up to four vehicles underground - and the Cardok CarTurn turntable for manoeuvring vehicles in tight spaces.