nov. 20, 2012

Cardok is perhaps the ultimate solution for the city-dweller by Mayfair Magazine

Not all parking solutions come on such a grand scale. One of them, by Swiss company Cardok, is perhaps the ultimate solution for the city-dweller with a 'bijou' from garden. 

The idea is basically to dig a hole, put in a hydraulic ramp and create something for your car to disappear into. The addition of a decorative roof will, once the device has sunk down to ground level, fox passers-by into thinking there's no car there at all. Installation can take as little as three days the company are quick to point out that a power cut won't leave you stranded: every installation comes with a small back-up generator. 'Once your car is underground, nobody will be able to break into it or vandalise it,' says Cardok's Patrick Martin. 'It's like a safe.' But it's not just for luxury cars, he insists. 'If you don't want to see a garage in your beautiful garden, this is the solution,' Martin says, 'Once it's down, it's invisible !'


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